Localization Strategy

Target Market

NESCAFÉ ‘s primary target market are coffee drinkers, specifically those whom are looking for a quick solution to quality coffee. People that want to enjoy their coffee without any hassle/ready in a jiffy, all in the comfort of their own home. NESCAFÉ offers coffee that can be enjoyed everywhere at your convenience.


Other than the traditional flavors offered (regular, rich, mild and intense) and Latté and Mocha in canned form, NESCAFÉ also has flavors that target the local market here in Singapore. One of the newest kids to join the product line is the Ipoh White Coffee series.

NESCAFÉ’s products


A typical packet of instant coffee ( contains about 30-35 sachets) costs approximately $6, and the average serving cost is $0.20. For the bottled range, it costs approximately $5 for 100 servings, resulting in an average serving cost of $0.50. A can of NESCAFÉ costs approximately $1.


Typically, NESCAFÉ ‘s products can be found almost everywhere from convenience stores (Cheers, 7-11) to supermarkets (Sheng Shiong, Giant, NTUC Fairprice) situated within the heartlands. Given the nature of the product, NESCAFÉ  is rarely offered in most F&B outlets (restaurants, cafés, etc).

Instant coffee in NTUC Fairprice


NESCAFÉ mainly focuses on 3 social media tools to reach out to their target market – Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.


As of 3rd September 2012, NESCAFÉ has accumulated 28,845 likes with around 1,221 people talking about it (at the time of this post). To engage fans and followers, NESCAFÉ’s content on Facebook varies from riddles to fun facts/quotes and coffee consumption in general.


As for NESCAFÉ’s twitter account, they have 5,464 followers (at the time of this post) on NESCAFÉ ‘s main Twitter feed but only 83 in the Singapore account. NESCAFÉ Singapore’s twitter account posts similar content to that which is posted on their Facebook page.


NESCAFÉ has a Youtube channel called NescafeSingapore. It has only one video on the Ipoh White Coffee which was used for a competition to involve consumers in coming up with tagline to the commercial (Traditionally yours).

The use of such social media tools is not only to push out content to the consumers but also to get them involved in creating and understanding the brand. By asking consumers for their input, NESCAFÉ creates dialogue between the brand and consumers which really connects people to the brand.

Print Ad and Road shows 

NESCAFÉ is actively involved in campaigns that communicates their latest products to the public. More often that not, roadshows are set up and samples are given out for consumers to try. Accompanying the road shows are various collaterals that are also replicated across newspapers/magazines and bus stops.

Collage of NESCAFÉ’s advertisements

TV Commercials

NESCAFÉ also leverages on television commercials to reach out to their consumers. A typical commercial will feature a product packaging, the process of preparing the drink and finally a consumer sitting down to enjoy his/her cup of coffee. The above mentioned scenes are then accompanied with a voice over that emphasizes on the taste, quality and aroma of the coffee.

Brand Presence

In addition to social media engagement, NESCAFÉ has been actively involving the community in events to establish our brand presence.

NESCAFÉ Passion Movie Night was held earlier this year in May, where family and friends are able to enjoy a night under the stars with the screening of Kungfu Panda 2. To complete the entire experience, delicious NESCAFÉ coffee was offered to the attendees.

For this year’s World Happy Day, NESCAFÉ spread happiness all over Orchard Road. Not only did NESCAFÉ party the day away in Somerset 313, the entire Orchard Road was filled with red balloons, and that included photo walls, staff in red tees as well as red coffee mugs.

NESCAFÉ handed out free flow coffee in exchange for smiles, and it was all for a good cause. For every photo taken at the photo wall, $0.50 was donated to Operation Smile Singapore. The donations benefited a very special group of people – children in developing countries that are born with cleft lips or any facial deformities could now regain their smile through constructive surgery.

In addition, NESCAFÉ was one of the official food and beverage sponsor in Singapore Night Festival 2012. Over the span of two weekends, NESCAFÉ gave out free cups of delicious NESCAFÉ White Coffee to the an estimated crowd of at least 110,000 visitors (estimated based on Voyage Night Festival 2011’s turnout).

NESCAFÉ’s booth at Night Festival 2012


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